26 November 2008

no talent?

Wow, I did it. Wait! It's a big thing for me to subscribe for a fairtrade, kind of Christmas Creative Hobby Expo. I've got one week and a half to prepare. I will need many theme decorations to attract clients and I will have to make it myself. In the meantime I planned the renovation of one of the bedrooms, good timing.

Anyway... I have loads of ideas for felted christmas trees, balls, chains, cards and more. I hope I can manage. After all it took me only 3 years to make this decission (I'm hopeless !!!) and there was not much time to get ready on time.... :) 


17 November 2008


I've been away on a far trip. Then, I was felting some custom orders, which gave me a lot of satisfaction, however no interesting pictures. After that, I was studying for a very important exam (and passed, congratulationstome, thankyouverymuch :) ). And now I've been ill for a while...
 Looking at my woolen workbook, I see that my creative energy comes and goes like waves in a very big ocean. Many ideas just float around my head, but executing them is a matter of the right moment and the right creative vibe. I have a feeling that tonight it's going to happen again... I can feel this vibe coming...  (I have to finish an order for a friend).