29 June 2008


Needlefelting is not as easy as I thought, so I came back to wetfelting for a while. Right now I'm finishing the computer bag, kind of a messenger with leather finisings.
Next month I'll spend away on a creative workshop on my own. I'll try to make/felt all my ideas. This separation might help a better concentration. I hope... the sheep project, the jewellery, the bagss ad the scarves. I'm dreaming of coming back with a suitcase full of felted goodies.

26 June 2008

the result...

I've been practicing needlefelting for few days now. The result is that I can't move my right arm any more. It hurts from the top of my finger up to the shoulder. And I was planning to make 20cm high figueres... hm.

(one of the figuers I've made)

16 June 2008

how to... impress your uncle

One of my uncles worked in a carpet factory. There were loads of wool available from the left overs. An artistic soul as he is, he started to make felted toys. Needlefelted. By hand. I founf out about it only a few years ago, after I had started felting myself. Apparently felting is in the family.
There are many needlefelting tutorials on youtube, like that one and that one from feltalive. All her tutorials are a bit boring, shot with a bad light, but very well explained. But the biggest shock is this one - who would have thought, ha!
Needlefelting is not new to me, but it never caught my attention. Maybe because of the kind and the design of needlefelted objects that I saw. I didn't like it. But eventually I tried that too. All you need for needlefelting is some wool and a special needle. It's a way of dryfelting where you use a special "harsh" needle to push the fibers there and back into the wool, so that it gets squeezed and "messed up" inside. This technique cannot be used for big flat pieces, but it is very suitable for decorations or soft toys. That's what I found out. I started with a yellow ball:

I guess I'm not there yet. I've learnt that the wool should be pressed as much as possible, almost hard, before you start poking and jabbing, especially when you make an object like a ball or bodyparts of a toy. This one is maybe not that spectacullar, but there are a few very usefull hints like how to make edges or smoothen up the surface.

13 June 2008

Witness Flat

Opening of an exhibition? Always there. Especially when it's FELT. Jurgen Bey is a dutch artist, but not everything what he makes is felt. His work is rather conceptual and structural. Witness Flat is a set of furniture partly made out of felt.
I've seen already chairs covered with felted wool. But these are made in a different way. First of all it's an industrial felt and "to protect the witness even more, even from the daily sharp edges" parts of the furniture are replaced with felt alternatives, like the drawers, the chandelier and the wardrobe. It's all well done and the wood drawing sawn onto the felt is very inspiring.

05 June 2008

Designing Niuniu. First try... the shape could be improved, the making of was fun and it went fast. I like this technique: sawing on handmade felt. To be continued...