22 May 2008

NEW woolitbe.be !!!

Fresh, stright from the oven, the new website of Wool it be":

13 May 2008

stupid mistake...

The story about the most commercial person in the neighbourhood goes as follows:
"And 3 years later she noticed, quite by accident, that the business email address on the visitcards is WRONG !!!!". Yep! There's woolitbe@yahoo.be, however Yahoo.be doesn't exist and it should be woolitbe@yahoo.com

"And then she's surprised that the business doesn't go as it should go..."

07 May 2008

WAK 2008

I participated lately in an exhibition. It's an national day of amateur arts, where one can show whatever they are busy with. It's not always real art, rather arts&crafts of different levels. So, there were paintings, jewellery, glass beads, ceramics, willow creations, felt (:) ) and more...
It took few days and it was fantastic as I met few very funny people, a guy photographer (his grilfriend - a singer) and his mother who paints. We had a good laugh during these few evenings we spent there together watching our precious works.