30 October 2008

PINK dress bye bye

odd.dress PINK, originally uploaded by woolitbe".

Sold at last. The right person came along to become a perfect owner for this georgeus dress.

28 October 2008

Etsy Showcase 28 october - Holidays Cards

I suppose the publicity for christmas decoration must start now, especially when handmade goods ask take a lot of time to be produced. Here is my Holiday Decoration Showcase on Etsy.
I designed these Star cards a year ago but it's a timeless idea and so lovely to send, to recive and to hang on your christmas tree or anywhere els in your house..

14 October 2008

... soon it wool come

Christmas and you'd want to share your feelings with family and friends or decorate your own christmas tree with these lovely starlets in felt. Wetfelted in CReam White wool roving with bright red stich embroidery and a ribbon. Accompanied by a card. Different colours and languages are possible.

08 October 2008

I remember I remember when...

I remember I remember when..., originally uploaded by woolitbe".

sometimes felting alone isn't satisfying. making visuals with the products might make the oldfashioned wool and felt a bit funkier...

01 October 2008

I feel like a treasure

Thanks to Artish and her very good eye for nice objects I made it to the front page today and my Yellow Loop Scarf is in her treasury. Artish on Etsy.