23 December 2007

They write about me...

UUuuuhh, so happy!! Thanks Linda for writing about me.

16 December 2007

I've been felting a lot lately. However I didn't take any pictures yet. Some finishing touches should be done and some things are still wet: mostly hats. But I'm wondering weather I should call my hats "hats" because for me they are more like caps, headpieces...or maybe it's just a nature of the english language, "hats" sounds so traditional and old-fashioned, whereas my creations are not really classic felt hats...

Every day felting means very smooth but dry hands, skin comming off and a lot of handcream around.

12 December 2007


If you're extravagant, do it well!! That's what I say. This necklace is one of my latest creations. Each MagicBlack ball is about 4cm big. The closure is just a lovely and soft satin ribbon. To wear with a simple dress on a sofisticated pale skin. I think...

07 December 2007

SnowWhite Starlet with a Red Ribbon

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Christmas is not so far away any more. It's time to start with some theme decorations, cards, and stuff. I've made my first star in felt. It came out gorgeous! Soon for sale in my Etsy shop...

05 December 2007

Felted chairs by Aguiniga

Isn't tha t cute?! I'm wondering how much time you need to felt it... A project by Aguiniga Design. You must check her other works!! (click on the picture)

04 December 2007

How can you??

How can you not love Etsy?!?!! After having seen t h i s v i d e o , I get even more energy to create, to invent and to share my creations with others. What is it going to be today? Well, the Yellow handbag continues...

03 December 2007

Messenger Bag

Lately I have so many ideas for Felt hats, handbags, interior objects and so much more that I cannot manage to follow up with felting. It's much easier to invent then to make!! Here is another Great Woolitbe Bag: handfelted, wet felt, in two great colours SilverGrey and RGB Red out of my own collection wool. The Messenger Bag is already available at Woolitbe Etsy shop.


It's not always felting around here. Sometimes one must spoil themselves. I have this one good receipe for a fruitcake which I usually make with apples, but this time I felt (felt!! said the Woolitbe, ha ha!!) like cherries. It's really easy and fast. Every time a success. Well, almost, because I run out of white sugar. I had to add the brown sugar. That's where the color of the cake comes from. I think it's great!!!!

... it was delicious.