28 November 2007

Big Cleaning

This afternooon I was going to give a felting-workshop. At last! (I thought). So, it was going to become a very busy day.

Well my atelier is very small and after a long time of non-putting-the-things-back-on-thier-place, you can hardly walk through the room. Everywhere stands or lays something, baskets with wool, wool without baskets, woolen objects, handfelted skirst and most amazing handfelted hats are laying everywhere with the heads that are suppose to display them, bags with wool ready to sell, piles of other felted objects like the cushions, and it all stands or lays along the walls, on the table, under the table, on the window, under and above the window, e v e r y w h e r e. You cannot receive people in such a...hm.

My two scheduled (for cleaning) hours where not enough to clean up the whole mess, but I managed on time. Some things ended up in closets, some - in a trashbin and some things simply - in another corner... The room is now so clean, it looks empty (Oh!!), but I received a text message from Mia that she cannot come today (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I thought). We rescheduled for the next week. Pf! What a day....

22 November 2007

Weird berret

My latest berret looks like that. That's the one I planned to take to Budapest but it was not ready... It's a bit funny with 3 red balls in a row on top. It was easier to make it then I thought.

21 November 2007

I haven't been felting for few weeks, since we went to Budapest.

The night before we left I had an energy boost and felted three hats (two hats and a berret which came out very well) and a handbag (!!), hoping it will be dry to take it with me. Of course it wasn't! Daa... I could only take my Flamingo handbag. Well, it was handy, warm and cozy. We came back from Budapest and I still didn't finish these felt things, that I made before (they still need a finishing touch as well).

And now with so many new fresh ideas I don't even know where to start from... I could make scarves and hats and more handbags. I will start after I had finished varnishing the stairs.