29 September 2007

My week has been great!!!!!

I'm excited because a few days ago I refreshed my shop Wool it be" , cleaned up a bit, put a lot new offers with great bright pictures, and what's even more important I lowered the prices, set up some "good-deal"auctions and started an ebay-forum group VILTEN. Ha!!!!

It payed so much off that I sold this week the wool for a very nice total. I'm so happy :)))

28 September 2007

Gr8 Colours Collection Wool

Great 8 Colours Collection Wool is NOW available at Ebay.be
PaleMango, SilverGrey, PetrolBlue, CreamWhite, Chocolate Curl, PinkFlamingo, Nude and BlackMagic - great names of the beautiful colours, don't you think?

RGB Collection Wool

The Collection RGB (Red - Green - Blue) is NOW available at Ebay.be

IndianSpring Collection Wool

The IndianSpring Collection, lovely colours and good wool to felt, is available NOW at Ebay.be

Woolcome Woolcome !!!

I'm moving today... From the other woolitbe blog, here. Here is better. Clean, nice and simple. I'm still reorganizing and adjusting and looking for things and settling down, so, please excuse me the mess and don't forget to come back soon!!!

Looking forward to seeing you here and reading your comments. :))