23 December 2007

They write about me...

UUuuuhh, so happy!! Thanks Linda for writing about me.

16 December 2007

I've been felting a lot lately. However I didn't take any pictures yet. Some finishing touches should be done and some things are still wet: mostly hats. But I'm wondering weather I should call my hats "hats" because for me they are more like caps, headpieces...or maybe it's just a nature of the english language, "hats" sounds so traditional and old-fashioned, whereas my creations are not really classic felt hats...

Every day felting means very smooth but dry hands, skin comming off and a lot of handcream around.

12 December 2007


If you're extravagant, do it well!! That's what I say. This necklace is one of my latest creations. Each MagicBlack ball is about 4cm big. The closure is just a lovely and soft satin ribbon. To wear with a simple dress on a sofisticated pale skin. I think...

07 December 2007

SnowWhite Starlet with a Red Ribbon

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Christmas is not so far away any more. It's time to start with some theme decorations, cards, and stuff. I've made my first star in felt. It came out gorgeous! Soon for sale in my Etsy shop...

05 December 2007

Felted chairs by Aguiniga

Isn't tha t cute?! I'm wondering how much time you need to felt it... A project by Aguiniga Design. You must check her other works!! (click on the picture)

04 December 2007

How can you??

How can you not love Etsy?!?!! After having seen t h i s v i d e o , I get even more energy to create, to invent and to share my creations with others. What is it going to be today? Well, the Yellow handbag continues...

03 December 2007

Messenger Bag

Lately I have so many ideas for Felt hats, handbags, interior objects and so much more that I cannot manage to follow up with felting. It's much easier to invent then to make!! Here is another Great Woolitbe Bag: handfelted, wet felt, in two great colours SilverGrey and RGB Red out of my own collection wool. The Messenger Bag is already available at Woolitbe Etsy shop.


It's not always felting around here. Sometimes one must spoil themselves. I have this one good receipe for a fruitcake which I usually make with apples, but this time I felt (felt!! said the Woolitbe, ha ha!!) like cherries. It's really easy and fast. Every time a success. Well, almost, because I run out of white sugar. I had to add the brown sugar. That's where the color of the cake comes from. I think it's great!!!!

... it was delicious.

28 November 2007

Big Cleaning

This afternooon I was going to give a felting-workshop. At last! (I thought). So, it was going to become a very busy day.

Well my atelier is very small and after a long time of non-putting-the-things-back-on-thier-place, you can hardly walk through the room. Everywhere stands or lays something, baskets with wool, wool without baskets, woolen objects, handfelted skirst and most amazing handfelted hats are laying everywhere with the heads that are suppose to display them, bags with wool ready to sell, piles of other felted objects like the cushions, and it all stands or lays along the walls, on the table, under the table, on the window, under and above the window, e v e r y w h e r e. You cannot receive people in such a...hm.

My two scheduled (for cleaning) hours where not enough to clean up the whole mess, but I managed on time. Some things ended up in closets, some - in a trashbin and some things simply - in another corner... The room is now so clean, it looks empty (Oh!!), but I received a text message from Mia that she cannot come today (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I thought). We rescheduled for the next week. Pf! What a day....

22 November 2007

Weird berret

My latest berret looks like that. That's the one I planned to take to Budapest but it was not ready... It's a bit funny with 3 red balls in a row on top. It was easier to make it then I thought.

21 November 2007

I haven't been felting for few weeks, since we went to Budapest.

The night before we left I had an energy boost and felted three hats (two hats and a berret which came out very well) and a handbag (!!), hoping it will be dry to take it with me. Of course it wasn't! Daa... I could only take my Flamingo handbag. Well, it was handy, warm and cozy. We came back from Budapest and I still didn't finish these felt things, that I made before (they still need a finishing touch as well).

And now with so many new fresh ideas I don't even know where to start from... I could make scarves and hats and more handbags. I will start after I had finished varnishing the stairs.

25 October 2007

NEW new NEW !!!

I've just created NEW SETs of wool to stimulate you imagination. They are all now available here.

23 October 2007

Felting ArtCrafts

It's ALIVE!!!!! Alive and kicking!!! We have three new members in the Felting ArtCrafts group, that I started a while ago. We post pictures of our works, we discuss felting methods and we share experiences. Wanna join?? Everyone is welcome.

22 October 2007

Is it time??

I already started withe christmas cards. Soon to be found on Etsy. And as always pushing the egde. That's me.

Ladies @ the coffee

Yesterday I met an unusual person, Rita Deknopper, who is the Felt Artist from Nieuwenrode. Not far from here. And it's thanks to Ivonne, another very special lady, who makes the most crazy stuff in all materials she can find. I had a chance to meet Rita, visit her shop and see what kind of works she makes. Her shop Halep is sooo cozy, a kind of place I dream about, small with wooden furniture and stuffed with wool and handbags and other things. Small private paradise. It's not really my style what these two ladies make but it's the craft that intrests me. And the style is personal, you make what you feel and what makes you happy...

Rita made a huge impression on me, not only by the way she was dressed, she was wearing a felted shirt and a felted mini cape in the most beautiful indogo and blue, but also her appearance was striking, short but crazy hair standing in all directions. She looked great, like a real artist. And I mean it positive. It's us, the crazy people who make the world more colorful.

So, the three of us went to the nearest café for a coffee, sat at the table and talked long about the pains of an artist. We understood each other however I don't think anyone else could. But that's OK. That's what's so special about each one of us.

19 October 2007

Many Fans of my Hats

I'm busy with finishing the felted skirts right now. The lining, the buttons, etc... And in the meantime 376 people watched my GreenForest handfelted Hat. So to see, many fans, many people interested in great hats, in being stylish and original for the coming winter.

15 October 2007

NO waisting time

Well, there was no electricity for 3,5h today. Tragedy!! No computer, no internet, no radio, even no Tv, even no boiling water...?!?!! Luckly we have gas accompanied by a "trditional" kettle (a metal kettle for boiling water with a whistle, remember?? for those who don't use it anymore).

I was as productive as never before. Well done to me!!!! Yes, I felted balls, cords, chains, flowers, extras... etc. My hands don't look good though. They are white, wrinkled, very dry and kind of... washed out, :D !! I will have to use a lot of moisturizing cream tonight.

13 October 2007

Time for cards

It's coming... with big steps, Christmas. So, now it's time to start making the cards. This year I designed a new model, combination with papper and Wool. The text is hand written with a silver pan. The set of four white cards has always one of a different color, for example red. The christmas trees are more or less the same, however always placed in a different position. And the white wool is sticking out of them... You can already find them here.

12 October 2007

When I do something, I stick to it

Apparently I have a winners mentality (:-O ??). However the truth is that when I commit to something, especially something I started on my own, I do stick to it. And here we are: the STICKER on my car. We live at the very busy district road to Brussels, and the car stands outside, so I think I won't be able to get rid of the hundres of clients now and my only concern will be wheather I have enough wool...!!!!!!

The power of public
ity (lets' talk about it within half a year ;) ).

08 October 2007

NEW!!! Green&Teal

My newest (latest) Schoulder Bag in Green&Teal is already for sale on Etsy. It's so juicy and cheerfull and it makes me happy!!! It's wetfelted in one piece with a satin lining, two pockets and zipper in the same colour. It's just big enough for an A4 size notebook.

The wool I used for it comes from my supplies: RGB Green and Petrol Blue

07 October 2007

A Ball of Golden Thoughts

My favourite design: a ball of one's golden thoughts. Its' an object functioning in a space on its own, just like the thoughts one writes in there.

06 October 2007

Necklace challenge

Creating is not that simple. I'm creative but to make really good things I need time to invent them. Some artists progress by making things. It's completely different with me. I design by thinking and that happens too much and too fast. Before I 've made one thing this idea is already evaluated 5 times. So, I'm confused to finish my object because in my mind it's changed already and at the end I'm not sure which one (out of these few) I should make... which one is the best.

Now I'm making a necklace for the first time. It's for a friend of mine. It's been half a year (!!!)... I know, but I feel I've found it. At last. Never wanted to make felted balls because everyone makes them. So, that's why I'm so overwhelmed by the designs of maria_kjo, because her felted jewellery is soooooooooo unusual. It's inspired me. However I wouldn't like to copy her ideas.

It's going to be a beautiful day today, after so many foggy and rainy days, but I'm going to work. Maybe I'll find time to go for a nice long walk across the fields...

05 October 2007


Today it's the World Smile Day!! So smile!!!!!!!!! And the world will be beautifull!!!!!

03 October 2007

I still like them...

The Newest Collection of Felted handbags. I think they are very special. Thanks to the special technique they are original and it's impssible to make two identical ones.
More of these on Esty (see a link on the right side).

02 October 2007

Thrash Recycling Bag

Recycling, don't you love that?!?!?!! Maybe not always, but at last I found a way to use all my plastic bags, which pila up much faster then I can actually use them for anything else.
Enjoy the show:

Show Time

This is my most beautiful Hat and I'm so happy about it that I put this picture wherever I can :) It took me 4 hours and a lot of power to make it. Hanfelted. Teal & Red.

01 October 2007

A portugese girl...

...!!!!!! Damn (ups)!!!! I wrote a nice post and the Blogger didn't take it, because of an error, aaaaaaaarh!!!

Anyway I wanted to say how much I like Maria_kjo's work. I've got a link here on a sidebar to her. Every new item she makes is inventive and yet you know it's made by kjo. Amazing, her design is so different then any other crafter that I saw on Etsy. Not that I saw all of them, I'm sure there are many many many great ones. But Maria's necklases put some magic on me when I look at them, trying to understand how she came to such an idea, or such an element and how it all is connected to each other...

Ready for the NEW SEASON !!

Last week I refreshed everything in my shop Wool it be", cleaned up, put new offers, even auctions with nice wool sets, for those who can't make up their mind which colour to choose. And I must admit it turned the sales ON. Exciting!!!

Going even further, my car will get a new dress - a huge sticker with an image and the url. Why not?!?!! If I could sell much much more I could order many new colour of wool. New collections, new colours and new quality. It will be great!!

You've been TAGGED!!

I discovered new game: tagging!! Ok, it's new for me and it goes like that: you take six people who read your blog and commented on it and tag them (put them with your tags or just in your post), togeteher with that you write sth weird about yourself. And you post it.

So, I've been tagged by Queen B. However I cannot tag anyone else, because this blog is quite new and I don't know who's been here so far.

29 September 2007

My week has been great!!!!!

I'm excited because a few days ago I refreshed my shop Wool it be" , cleaned up a bit, put a lot new offers with great bright pictures, and what's even more important I lowered the prices, set up some "good-deal"auctions and started an ebay-forum group VILTEN. Ha!!!!

It payed so much off that I sold this week the wool for a very nice total. I'm so happy :)))

28 September 2007

Gr8 Colours Collection Wool

Great 8 Colours Collection Wool is NOW available at Ebay.be
PaleMango, SilverGrey, PetrolBlue, CreamWhite, Chocolate Curl, PinkFlamingo, Nude and BlackMagic - great names of the beautiful colours, don't you think?

RGB Collection Wool

The Collection RGB (Red - Green - Blue) is NOW available at Ebay.be

IndianSpring Collection Wool

The IndianSpring Collection, lovely colours and good wool to felt, is available NOW at Ebay.be

Woolcome Woolcome !!!

I'm moving today... From the other woolitbe blog, here. Here is better. Clean, nice and simple. I'm still reorganizing and adjusting and looking for things and settling down, so, please excuse me the mess and don't forget to come back soon!!!

Looking forward to seeing you here and reading your comments. :))