20 June 2009

The summer is coming to town...

Within few days the summer strarts again. Hopefully it will be one of these great long pleasant summers, not too cold, not too hot. It will be great to spend it at the sea! Warm days, sunbathing (moderate), great food and long evening walks... then ther's nothing better than a delicate, light as feather handfelted scarf fto wrap around one's shoulders...

06 December 2008

That's what it looked like for me before the Fairs. It was not a selfassured feeling...

26 November 2008

no talent?

Wow, I did it. Wait! It's a big thing for me to subscribe for a fairtrade, kind of Christmas Creative Hobby Expo. I've got one week and a half to prepare. I will need many theme decorations to attract clients and I will have to make it myself. In the meantime I planned the renovation of one of the bedrooms, good timing.

Anyway... I have loads of ideas for felted christmas trees, balls, chains, cards and more. I hope I can manage. After all it took me only 3 years to make this decission (I'm hopeless !!!) and there was not much time to get ready on time.... :) 


17 November 2008


I've been away on a far trip. Then, I was felting some custom orders, which gave me a lot of satisfaction, however no interesting pictures. After that, I was studying for a very important exam (and passed, congratulationstome, thankyouverymuch :) ). And now I've been ill for a while...
 Looking at my woolen workbook, I see that my creative energy comes and goes like waves in a very big ocean. Many ideas just float around my head, but executing them is a matter of the right moment and the right creative vibe. I have a feeling that tonight it's going to happen again... I can feel this vibe coming...  (I have to finish an order for a friend).

30 October 2008

PINK dress bye bye

odd.dress PINK, originally uploaded by woolitbe".

Sold at last. The right person came along to become a perfect owner for this georgeus dress.

28 October 2008

Etsy Showcase 28 october - Holidays Cards

I suppose the publicity for christmas decoration must start now, especially when handmade goods ask take a lot of time to be produced. Here is my Holiday Decoration Showcase on Etsy.
I designed these Star cards a year ago but it's a timeless idea and so lovely to send, to recive and to hang on your christmas tree or anywhere els in your house..